Cleveland HB3 Irons

From Golf Magazine (April 2011)
Category: Max Game-Improvement Irons
We tested: 3-PW with Flight Speed steel shaft; 3-PW with Action Ultralite graphite shaft

Key Technologies: Internal weighting is strategically placed to optimize launch conditions, promoting a high ball flight, while a more forgiving sole design enhances forgiveness and playability. An ultralight graphite shaft features a lower kickpoint to further promote high launch and more swing speed for longer distance.

OUR TESTERS SAY: This all-hybrid set is a standout in the accuracy/forgiveness category.

PLAYABILITY: Provides a high ball flight that gets in the air quickly; some testers detect a slight drawbias, making it easy to hit the ball right-to-left; very good performance out of the rough.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Most testers find it so simple to hit high and straight; sidespin seems minimized, particularly on left-to-right shots.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Many testers get slightly more distance compared to their own sets; short irons are spot-on with approach shots.
FEEL: Very good stability at impact with little twisting; surprisingly light through the swing (given its large size) and plenty of vibration-dampening at impact.
LOOK: All-hybrid set screams forgiveness; black head and shape appeals to many testers.

Some testers complain that feel is too muted at impact and even a bit tinny; a few testers can't get comfortable with the all-hybrid look.

From Sports Illustrated Golf+ (February 7, 2011)
Full hollow-construction geometry produces a low and deep center of gravity in this hybrid set, which results in an optimal launch angle and noticeable forgiveness. The clubs come with steel or ultralight graphite shafts.

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, March 2010)

Category: Max Game-Improvement Irons
We tested: 3-PW with Action Ultralite graphite shaft


Company line: "The set has a seamless visual transition. Longer irons have a wider sole (by 7-percent). Short irons have a more compact shape and thinner topline for playability. Hybrid-like design provides 27 percent more MOI than traditional irons for added forgiveness."

Our Testers say:
PROS: Good contact feels meaty with a fair amount of feedback; the technology really works in the long irons—they hit it high and straight; distance is consistent throughout the set; easy to hit; a true maximum game-improvement iron; scores high for accuracy and forgiveness; surprisingly good for three-quarter shots.

CONS: Big mass behind the ball takes getting used to; short irons don't perform as well for touch shots; overall distance doesn't wow anyone.

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$599, steel; $699, graphite

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