Cleveland Forged 588 Wedge

Cleveland Forged 588
Schecter Lee

From GOLF Magazine ClubTest 2012 (June, 2012)
Category: Wedges
Price: $140

WE TESTED: 50°/8°, 52°/8°, 54°/12°, 56°/10°, 56°/14°, 56°/16°, 58°/8°, 58°/12°, 60°/8°, 60°/12° with True Temper Tour Concept steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The heads are precision forged from 1025 carbon steel for enhanced feel and consistency. Milled “zip grooves” and a more consistent surface roughness provide longer lasting spin performance. The shaft has a stiffer tip section and a softer butt so shots launch lower with more spin compared to previous shafts.

OUR TESTERS SAY: One of the higher-rated wedges. Carries on the 588 tradition nicely with the addition of forged feel.

PLAYABILITY: Excellent on chips and pitches from standard or trouble lies; dependable control from the fairway; serviceable on most sand shots.
DISTANCE CONTROL: It makes dialing in distance and judging release and roll quite simple—testers are able to hit it how far they want, when they want.
FEEL: Precise and informative at impact on full shots; solid sensation on chips, pitches, and bunker shots.
LOOK: Classic shape and satin chrome finish; more compact and attractive at address than recent Cleveland offerings.

Not quite as accurate on full shots as a few other wedges tested.

From the Shop Blog (September 18, 2011)
The last thing the engineers at Porsche want to do is mess around with the 911. Give it a more-powerful engine, add ceramic brakes, tweak the suspension…fine, but the guiding principle is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Today's 911 looks very similar to the first one that rolled out of the factory in Stuttgart, Germany, back in 1964.

When Cleveland Golf recently decided it was time to update the 588 wedge—so named because in 1988 it was the company's fifth wedge offering—it took the same approach. The 588 has been used to win 26 major championships and 335 PGA Tour events, and it's not a stretch to say that the club is the foundation of the entire company.

With an updated logo, the back of the new 588 has received a facelift, but the shape of the club and the form it takes at address have not been altered at all. Still forged from 1025 carbon steel to give it a soft feel, the new 588 has Cleveland's Tour Zip grooves for the first time along with the company's new laser-milled surface-roughness treatment. First applied to the CG15 wedges, the tiny lines etched into the club's face are designed to help maximize spin.

"This treatment helps to create a lot of friction between the ball and the face on every shot, from the rough and from the fairway," says Scott Carlyle, Cleveland Golf's business unit leader for irons and wedges.

The 588 Forged wedges will be available in lofts ranging from 46° to 64°. "We've provided all these lofts so you can optimize the gap spacing between every wedge in your set," Carlyle says.

The 588 will also be available in low-, standard- and high-bounce offerings to ensure you'll have the ideal amount of bounce for the sand and conditions you face most often.

Both the satin chrome-finished and mirror chrome-finished 588 Forged wedges will come standard with a True Temper Tour Concept wedge shaft and should arrive in pro shops in November


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