ClubTest 2014: Cleveland Classic Collection HB 1 Putter

ClubTest 2014: Cleveland Classic Collection HB 1 Putter

Cleveland Classic Collection HB 1 Putter
Michael Chini

Cleveland Classic Collection HB 1
Category: Blade Putters
Price: $100
35” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A deeper face-milling pattern than in previous models leads to a softer impact feel.

A well-balanced putter that delivers consistent, predictable results with no hot spots or surprises; heavyish clubhead with subtle feel makes it easy to calibrate speed and distance.
FEEL: Soft, muted and stable, with a gentle thump on pure hits; good weight and balance— doesn’t require any extra effort to get it moving; the ball seems to stay on the putterface a bit longer than with some other models.
LOOK: An Anser-style head with understated good looks; subdued, non-glare, matte black finish with conservative alignment graphics; single white aiming line stands out against the black finish.

A few testers struggle with speed control on longer putts; the clubface is almost too soft and lacks enough feedback for some guys; not the most forgiving on toe hits, with noticeable distance loss.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top putters tested. Some golfers might not take this one seriously, given the price point, but that would be a mistake. The HB 1 looks slick, feels smooth, and offers reliable results.

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