Cleveland CG Black Hybrid Review: ClubTest 2015

April 22, 2015

Cleveland CG Black Hybrid


Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $170
19°, 24° with Mitsubishi Bassara E-series graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: These high-launching sticks let you swing faster without swinging harder, thanks to a low “swing MOI.”



PLAYABILITY: Sticks a fork in your long irons; expect reliably high, straight shots that the wind won’t touch; rips right through the heavy stuff to dig out your ball and get it flying in the right direction; like a superhero, swoops in to rescue you when you’re in a tough situation — it should wear a cape.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Hard-wired for consistency; misses lose less than most — all but the worst swings receive a full pardon; next to no sidespin — reduces big benders down to muted draws and fades.
DISTANCE: Above average on balance, but they put a handful of guys in completely new territory; dependable mileage — easy enough to rein it in for approach shots or to step on one from the tee.
FEEL: A controlled explosion at impact; light overall weight, though you wouldn’t know it by swinging it: the CG Black delivers excellent, slightly head-heavy balance that puts you in the driver’s seat; rock-steady through the turf; encourages an aggressive swing.
LOOK: Aptly named — matte black through and through; stands out for its sheer simplicity — looks like a golf club, not a billboard; sleek, slender and stealthy.



Not for guys who like to bend the ball, since the flight can be a little one-note: high, straight; plain looking — some want more sizzle with their steak; no alignment aid.

BOTTOM LINE: The CG Black is the best hybrid in its class — it’s at or near the top of every category. Almost anybody could benefit from putting these all-around monsters in play.

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NEXT REVIEW: Cobra Fly-Z Hybrid

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