ClubTest 2014: Cleveland 588 Hybrids

ClubTest 2014: Cleveland 588 Hybrids

Cleveland 588 Hybrids

Cleveland 588 Hybrids
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $200
18°, 20.5° and 23° with Matrix Ozik Altus graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Removing weight from the walls and adding a rear sole plug creates a lower CG for Lie angle can higher launch. Rails on the sole plus a slight keel reduce turf drag.

This model gets great height with little effort and dominates the rough; most guys could work it a little right or left.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Straight shots, time and time again; mis-hits are relatively tame, with negligible sidespin; the club holds tough through trouble, with little twisting; overall, the ball does what it’s told with the 588.
DISTANCE: Basically on par with testers’ yardage expectations; it’s pretty long out of hairy lies, but it’s nothing special from clean ones.
FEEL: The club’s strongest attribute; one of the top models tested; it’s comfortable, controlled and focused throughout the swing, clean and crisp at impact.
LOOK: Traditional, no-nonsense setup; classic size, curved lines and polished black finish attract many fans; subtle rails on the sole add to the old-school vibe.

A few testers tend to struggle with the 588s from tight fairways or off hardpan lies; some guys want more length out of a hybrid; a handful felt that its plain Jane appearance doesn’t stand out.

BOTTOM LINE: A sweet-swinging, handsome hybrid with no glaring weaknesses. The 588 soothes bad swings and handles its business with superb feel.

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