Cleveland 588 Forged RTG Wedge

August 31, 2012

Cleveland packs a lot of cool features into its latest 588 wedge offering. The 588 Forged RTG (stands for Raw Tour Grind) is made of soft 1025-carbon steel for a precise, sweet feel at impact. Tour Zip U-grooves plus rough micro grooves on the clubface increase friction for added spin on short scoring shots.

The wedge has a “V-shaped” sole that’s wider in the toe and narrower in the heel. In addition, its “Dynamic Sole Grind”—high bounce near the leading edge; lower bounce along the trailing edge—enables players to lay the clubface open on flop shots while keeping the leading edge near the ground.

The 588 Forged RTG comes in 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 62° and 64° lofts with an Oil Quench finish (the heads will rust over time). It’ll be in retail shops starting September 21 and will sell for $139 each.