Check Out PXG’s New $500 Fairway Wood

January 4, 2016

PXG 0341


Clubmakers rarely use the word “sexy” in a mission statement, but it shouldn‘t surprise those familiar with PXG chief and GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons. (Remember GoDaddy’s titillating Super Bowl ads featuring Danica Patrick?)

Named after the Marine Corps code for a mortarman, the 0341 is studded with 11 weight ports, allowing players to position five 2.5-gram tungsten and six half-gram titanium screws any way they see fit to make the ball fly high, low, left or right. The plugs sit flush against the sole in a stainless steel body, keeping the CG — and the spin — down.

A super-thin maraging steel face provides the pop, while an adjustable hosel can alter loft +/- 1.5°. This midsize head fits a wide range of players, but it‘s only available direct from the company or through select clubfitters.

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