ClubTest 2013: Callaway X Hot Pro Irons

March 6, 2013

Callaway X Hot Pro Irons
Category: Better-Player Irons
Price: $799, steel
3-AW with True Temper Project X 95 Flighted steel shaft.
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A moderate cavity low in the face helps increase ball speeds. The clubface gets thicker toward the sole for a more consistent feel.

Repeatable mid-launch, low-spin ball flight; moderately workable, favoring a draw over a fade; clubhead tears through rough with ease.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A highly consistent iron that does a good job of covering poor swings — mis-hits maintain the character of good shots; a natural straight-shooter.
DISTANCE CONTROL: A real bruiser — power is this club's hallmark; some testers find it to be a full club longer than others in the group; it wants to be swung hard.
FEEL: Delivers a firm, smashing sensation on full swings, with a more muted feel at low speeds; an overall heavy club, very stable through impact; delivers nice shock dampening on thin hits.
LOOK: Clean, compact head with angular lines and a medium-thick topline; more offset than others in the category; frames the ball nicely at address; non-glare brushed finish.

Not for the finesse player — some guys struggle with these heavy clubs on partial swings; testers want a bit more feedback on short shots; too much offset for many guys; some testers would swap long irons for hybrids.

BOTTOM LINE: A powerful set of irons with good forgiveness and a touch of workability. The X Hot Pro is a good fit for players willing to trade some finesse for added length.

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