Callaway X Hot and X Hot Pro Irons

Callaway X Hot and X Hot Pro irons.
Callaway Golf

There was a time when a discussion about distance meant you were either talking about drivers or golf balls, but today manufacturers tout the yards you'll gain on every club except your putter. With the release of the new X Hot and X Hot Pro irons, Callaway is looking to make a loud statement in the distance debate.
Luke Williams, Callaway's senior global director of woods and irons, says, "When you hit a 6-iron, you want to look up and see that trajectory that you expect from a 6-iron, you'd just like it to fly longer, so that's what we've tried to do with the X Hot."
To do that, Callaway designed the X Hot irons using two different types of stainless steel. The chassis has been made with a softer steel, and the hitting area is made from a harder steel. That allowed Callaway to make the face thinner, save some weight, and then redistribute the weight behind a large channel in the back. Combined with stronger lofts and longer shafts in the long-irons, the result is a hotter hitting area, a lower center of gravity (CG) and shots that should fly higher and farther.
A multi-material medallion has been attached to the back of the club to help improve the sound and feel created at impact.
For golfers who want a club that offers more distance but greater workability, Callaway created the X Hot Pro. With the same face technology and materials, the Pro model should help more accomplished players add a few yards through the bag while maintaining a design that single-digit players tend to prefer.
"With the Pro version, you've got a thinner topline, less offset, a shorter blade length and a more conventional shape with a longer hosel," Williams says. "But the lofts are stronger compared to our last iron [RAZR X Tour]; we want to give this player a little added distance as well. They'll definitely notice the distance increase."
The X Hot Pro also has a slightly narrower sole, although the trailing edge of both clubs has been beveled to help them work through the turf more effectively.
The X Hot and X Hot Pro will be in stores starting Jan. 25. The X Hot will come standard with True Temper Speed Step 85 Lightweight shafts for $699. The Pro version will cost $799.