Callaway MD3 Milled Wedges

July 6, 2015

Designed by Roger Cleveland with help from Callaway’s Tour staff, the new MD3 Milled Wedges ($129.99) from Callaway are available in three unique grinds (S-, C-, and W-Grind), all with a new milled progressive groove optimization system that’s designed to provide optimal spin for each loft.

Each of the three unique grinds is made to provide versatility and performance depending on both turf conditions and swing type. The W-Grind features the widest sole and is best for softer conditions and players with steeper attack angles, while the S-Grind is the most versatile and performs well in a wide range of playing conditions for players with moderately steep to more sweeping attack angles.

The C-Grind is designed for firmer course conditions and features more heel and toe relief for players who like to open the clubface on shots around the green.

All MD3 wedges also feature precision milled grooves that optimize spin as loft increases to create a smoother transition between irons and wedges. The three-groove system includes 30V grooves in the pitching wedge and gap wedge for shots that require a steeper attack angle, while 20V grooves in the sand wedge improve performance on full shots and those from the sand. 5V grooves optimize control in the lob wedge for shots out of the rough and close to the green.

Other features of the new MD3 Milled Wedges include unique shaping with a high toe and semi-straight leading edge, weight ports in the back of the clubhead, and a wide selection of custom finishes, grips, and shafts.

MD3 Milled Wedges are available in standard lofts of 46-, 48-, 50, 52-, 54-, 56-, 58-, and 60-degrees and come in a choice of chrome or black finishes.

Callaway MD3 Milled Wedges will be available at retail on 9/4/15.

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