Bridgestone Gravity Chamber irons

February 16, 2007

It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it. As GOLF Magazine’s chief equipment geek, I get to preview the latest and greatest gear months before its release date. It even means a friendly round, from time to time, with the brain trust behind the new toys.

This week, I teed it up with the Bridgestone folks in anticipation of their GC Series iron debut [in shops mid-September]. Gravity Chamber (GC) irons come in two flavors: GC.Mid and GC.OS. In both models, weight is removed from a “gravity chamber” behind the center of the face. The savings (30 grams) is transferred to a pair of “gravity disks” in the heel and toe.

I like what I saw—and felt. The black disks in midsize GC irons (for 10 to 20 handicappers) promote a balance of control with medium-high ball flight. This weight spread gives you the freedom for shot making with scoring clubs plus forgiveness in longer irons. Disks in the oversize head (GC.OS) are set more towards the heel and toe, for maximum forgiveness on mishaps. The GC.OS also has built-in draw bias to help higher handicappers.
$699, steel; $799, graphite