Bobby Jones by Ortiz/Pelz Wedges

Bobby Jones by Ortiz/Pelz Wedges

From Golf Magazine (May 2011)

Category: Wedges
We tested: 52°/4°, 56°/10°, 56°/14°, 60°/4°, 60°/8°, 64°/4° with FST stiff-flex steel shaft

Key Technologies: The durable, milled Carpenter steel face insert maintains face friction and groove integrity longer than standard wedges. A shock absorbing membrane behind the face limits unwanted vibration to create soft feel.

OUR TESTERS SAY: Several well-conceived technologies generate useful short-game performance.

PLAYABILITY: Excellent versatility around the greens, particularly handy on lob shots; solid performer from hardpan or sand.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Repeatable, consistent carry and roll-out on chips and pitches; adequate on full shots from the fairway; produces ample amount of spin.
FEEL: Pleasing weight through the swing; good stability at impact; grip is soft and comfortable.
LOOK: Two-tone face frames the ball well; attractive, durable dark finish.

Feel is too muted through the ball for some testers; a few guys experience inconsistent distances on full-swing shots from the fairway; larger grip size can be a turnoff.

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From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, April 2010)
We tested: 52° loft/4° bounce, 56°/14°, 60°/8°, 64°/14° with proprietary steel shaft

Company line: "The wear-resistant metal alloy face insert maintains friction and groove integrity far longer than conventional wedges. Deep channels behind the face insert remove substantial weight from the central section of the body, which allows additional mass to be repositioned to the sole for a low center of gravity."

Our Testers say:
PROS: Reasonable performers; work well in soft sand; pretty forgiving clubs; very soft feel at impact; classic look, these set up well visually; stable at impact; slightly larger heads appeal to higher handicappers; face insert frames the ball at address.

CONS: Midsize grip is uncomfortable to some panelists; a few guys feel it lacks versatility; shots don't come off the face with zip.


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