ClubTest 2013: Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz Hybrid

ClubTest 2013: Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz Hybrid

Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz Hybrid

Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz Hybrid
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $159
18°, 21°, 25°, 30° with Graphite Design G-Series HY graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A contoured sole with inverted runners limits turf interaction. The hot face — 1.4 mm thick on the edges and 1.6 mm in the center — is forgiving on off-center hits.

Consistent, high launch and ball flight; shots land softly; very good for attacking pins; scalloped sole shape makes it fairly nimble from the rough; the 30° is perfect for going at well-protected greens.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: High, straight ball flight doesn't vary much, even on mis-hits; most off-center shots are treated as though they were struck on the center of the face.
DISTANCE: The 30° plays slightly longer than the 6-iron it replaces, but with a higher, more precise trajectory; not the longest hybrids out there, but they're certainly consistent and easy to hit.
FEEL: Head-heavy club feels more like a fairway wood than a hybrid at impact — muted and stable; the head powers through the ball and absorbs all but the worst hits with no harshness.
LOOK: Larger-than-average hybrid inspires confidence on tee shots; alignment graphics on the crown and face; elegant pearl finish.

Forgives inaccuracy, but not distance — mis-hits are noticeably shorter than many other hybrids; not the most workable, especially in terms of trajectory — a few testers find it quite difficult to hit low.

BOTTOM LINE: Fairly forgiving hybrid plays more like a small, easy-to-hit fairway wood than an oversize iron. It's better than average at controlling directional misses.

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