ClubTest 2014: Bobby Jones Black Hybrids

Bobby Jones Black Hybrids
Michael Chini

Bobby Jones Black Hybrids
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $180
21° and 25° with Graphite Design G-Series graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Lie angle can higher launch. be adjusted between standard or 2° flat. The cup face is made of a strong, heat-treated steel alloy called CH-1, for added flex and ball velocity.

Rounded lines lead to truly impressive results; the Bobby Jones Black glides through the rough and sends the ball soaring; well mannered on the tee; high draws are the norm.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Solid consistency, especially for those searching for slicesuppression; ample backspin squeezes extra carry out of some misses.
DISTANCE: Closer to the top of the test than the bottom; admirable distance considering (or due to) the lofty launch; delivers good yardage from tough lies.
FEEL: Exceptional overall— one of the best in the category; beautiful balance with a dense pop through the ball; feedback is instructive but not overwhelming.
LOOK: A deep, somewhat elongated head that looks friendly when you stand over the ball; almost everybody approves of the slick black finish and tasteful red trim.

A serious hook-hazard for testers who already draw the ball, so consider a lie-angle adjustment; high-launch, high-spin character doesn’t work for harder swingers; moonshot trajectory costs several guys distance; a wood/hybrid tweener without some of the forgiveness its size suggests.

BOTTOM LINE: Strong all-around and excellent for getting out of trouble. Worth a look for slower swingers who fight slices, or anyone looking to add altitude to their escapes.

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