ClubTest 2014: Bobby Jones Black Fairway Woods

ClubTest 2014: Bobby Jones Black Fairway Woods

Bobby Jones Black Fairway Woods
Courtesy of Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones Black Fairway Woods
Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $200
17° with Graphite Design G-Series graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: An adjustable hosel allows for square, 1° closed or 2° closed clubface angles. The maraging steel face cup produces additional ball speed on slight misses.

The rounded sole cuts through rough and fairway lies like a hot knife through butter; simple to launch high shots from just about anywhere, but it can also be bent low, left or right with relative ease.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: When struck properly it goes where you want it to; straight is pretty easy—not many side-to-side misses.
DISTANCE: The Bobby Jones Black knocks it an acceptable distance, on par with many other fairway woods tested; distance on misses is predictable, except on the worst swings.
FEEL: Enough head weight makes it easy to deliver the clubhead to the ball consistently; solid shots have an explosive sensation with a nice jump off the face, which is noticeably different from more muted misses.
LOOK: The smaller, somewhat triangular clubhead appears to be designed to glide through the rough and other difficult lies with no problem; the low-profile head sits nicely when the ball is teed up; sleek, classy black finish.

This club isn’t the longest or most forgiving of the bunch; not outstanding at anything in particular; some testers say the clubhead looks closed at address.

BOTTOM LINE: A low-profile performer that handles tough lies pretty well. The club can get shots airborne easily from just about any trouble spot you might find yourself in.

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