ClubTest 2014: Bettinardi BB32 Putter

ClubTest 2014: Bettinardi BB32 Putter

Bettinardi BB32 Putter
Michael Chini

Bettinardi BB32
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $300
35” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The milled carbon steel clubhead weighs 353 grams, has a plumber’s neck and 3° loft.

One of the top models; a slightly heavier than standard head with added heel-toe weighting allows testers to intuitively dial in distances; off-center hits are forgiven.
FEEL: The Bettinardi BB32 offers top-shelf response; so well balanced, it’s nearly impossible for the clubhead to move off line; a pleasant click at impact and a Goldilocks-like feel—not too hard or soft but just right; plenty of sweet feedback on center hits.
LOOK: Half-moon shape is a little beefier in the toe, but the heel-toe weighting is elegantly incorporated; fine craftsmanship is evident in the clubface, and the white alignment line helps testers keep the head on track.

A few guys complained about limited feedback on misses; the upright lie and offset neck aren’t for everyone; some guys don’t care for the red grip and red and blue logos on the face and sole.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top-rated putters in the midsize mallet category. This one delivers the stability, consistency and overall performance of a mid-mallet with all the feedback of a blade. Smooth rolling and deadly accurate, the BB32 could benefit players of any level.

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