Adams Idea CMB Irons

Adams Idea CMB Irons

Adams Idea CMB
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From Golf Magazine (October, 2012)
Designed for: 0- to 12-handicappers
Skilled amateurs and low-double-digit handicappers are sure to embrace the club’s
sleek appearance and smooth feel. Consider this: The forged 1025 carbon steel heads offer a nickel chrome satin finish, thin topline and progressive offset. Two tungsten plugs (15 grams total) in the toe lower the center of gravity and pull it toward the center line of the clubface to limit twisting and improve feel on off-center hits. A cambered sole provides repeatable performance from iffy turf conditions.

From (July 10, 2012)
Adams latest irons for better players, the Idea CMB, are hitting pro shop shelves now. Forged from 1025 carbon steel and featuring a Nickel chrome finish, the CMBs are designed to provide the feel and feedback that pros and low-handicap amateurs want, while still providing a touch of forgiveness.

In the playing position, the toplines of the CMBs are thin and there is minimal offset, which should allow accomplished golfers to shape shots either to the left or the right more easily.

But it's what you can't see—a pair of tungsten weights positioned low in the toe area of each club—that makes the CMB more forgiving. The weights, which are hidden under a piece of steel that is plasma-welded to the head help to pull the sweet spot toward the center of the hitting area. Combined with a subtle cavity back design, this should make the CMB irons less punishing on off center hits.

In another nod to the preferences of better players, Adams has also added multiple bevels to the sole of the CMB irons to help them enter and exit the turf more easily.

The standard eight-club set of Idea CMB irons (4-GW) will retail for about $1099with KBS C-Taper steel shafts and $1,199with Matrix Ozik Program 8.1 graphite shafts. Several custom shaft options are available, but sorry left-handers, the CMBs are currently only being made for right-handers.