Golf accessories that work to improve your on-course performance

July 4, 2013

Today's modern golf apparel and accessories aim to outfit you in the latest wearable technology from top to toe. Check out these four pieces of apparel that not only look great, but actually help enhance your on-course performance with additional details:

Nike TW '14, $179;
Tiger Woods' signature shoe is designed to perform as though you are playing barefoot. The flexible Nike Free-inspired outsole emphasizes performance through natural motion, keeping your feet grounded and stable to help you achieve a more powerful swing through impact.

Tifosi Podium XC, $80;
Not only are these glasses designed to be "hydrophobic" so sweat and water rolls off, they also feature interchangeable lens options, including GT and EC lenses, which lessen glare, sharpen contrast, and are specifically designed to help spot a ball in flight and read surface contours and breaks in terrain.

Stable 26 Footgear, $24;
Stable 26 footgear is a kind of "supersock" that utilizes a combination of nylon and silicone pads placed in "anatomically targeted locations" of the foot to achieve a customized fit, which thereby eliminates gaps between the foot and a player's shoes. The result? A more stable heel, which helps to reduce power drains through impact and improve swing efficiency.

Nexbelt Go In! Series, $50;
Featuring "PreciseFit" technology via the company's "ratcheting system," each Nexbelt offers a "no holes" custom fit to within a quarter inch, as opposed to traditional pin/buckle belts that feature limited size adjustments and one-inch spacing. Also included: a flip up belt buckle with a hidden magnetic ball marker.