Arccos Partners with Microsoft Cloud Services to Deliver ‘World’s Smartest Caddie’

January 20, 2017
arccos copy.jpg

Arccos Golf and Microsoft are rolling out what they are calling the “world’s smartest caddie,” the Arccos Course Analyzer, as part of a new partnership announced Thursday.

The tracking company will harness Microsoft Azure’s cloud services to access data points of millions of golf shots over 40,000 mapped courses around the world, with the aim of “providing personalized recommendations for optimal strategies on nearly every golf hole in the world.”

In November 2016, Arccos rolled out a program with Cobra Golf called Cobra Connect, which features an Arccos tracker in every new King F7, King F7+ and King LTD Black model drivers.

“Our goal is to create the most advanced Artificial Intelligence platform for golf,” Arccos Golf co-founder and CEO Sal Syed said in a press release. “Despite being at a very early stage, our insights have directly contributed to the average Arccos user improving their handicap by a remarkable 3.52 strokes.”

By analyzing 50 million golf shots, Microsoft says it can give average golfers access to the type of data typically reserved for Tour pros.

“The PGA Tour overcomes these hurdles with a team of 350 data collection volunteers at every tournament,” said Mike Downey, director of sports at ‎Microsoft. “Arccos is the first company that has truly cracked this code for amateurs by creating a virtually automatic sensor platform that seamlessly integrates into a player’s routine.”

Arccos Course Analyzer will demo at the 2017 PGA Show in Orlando next week and will be available to Arccos 360 users at launch in mid-Spring 2017.