Track Your Driver Performance With New Arccos Driver System

March 16, 2016

The new Arccos Driver is an easy-to-use performance tracker based on GPS and Bluetooth technology for players interested in using stats to identify weaknesses and improve play.

Simply attach the sensor to the end of your driver’s grip and sync it to your iPhone or Android device (your phone stays in your pocket while you swing).

The app records your biggest drive, the range between your longest and shortest pokes, shot dispersion and a “smart average” that throws out the anomalies. It also provides yardages to the front, center, and back of each green, and the ability to calculate yardages to any hazards.

And what’s an app without gaming features? This one provides “challenges” each time you play, such as hitting a certain number of fairways and busting it beyond a yardage greater than your average. Players can also compete against friends and other Arccos users in daily, weekly, and monthly driving contests, with points awarded based on total yardage and ability to meet the prescribed challenges.

Plus, you can share all of your driving stats on social media for friends to admire.

Available at Apple stores, golf specialty shops, and at the first week of April for $80.