Adams Speedline 9032LS Driver

November 19, 2010

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, February 2010)

Category: Tour Drivers
We tested: 9.5°, 10.5° with Aldila VooDoo NV6 graphite shaft
Company line: "The face area is 17 percent larger than the original Speedline. We optimize airflow and stability by inserting two heel scoops 1.5 times deeper than the original. The 9032LS also produces 10 percent less spin rate for more distance."

PROS: Solid all-around performer; distance on center strikes is above average, especially for those who produce a high ball flight; toe hits correct themselves nicely and the clubhead feels stable on mis-hits; the feel at impact is very lively and conveys a sensation of power; the deep face design boosts confidence at address and makes alignment a breeze.

CONS: Off-center strikes lose significant distance, particularly on hits toward the heel; trajectory can be too high and cause a loss of roll and distance; this club could make the occasional slice worse.


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From GOLF Magazine (October 2009)
Adams' original Speedline driver(unveiled earlier this year) has a sleek aerodynamic shape to foster increased clubhead speed and stability. Now comes the Speedline 9032LS (the "LS" stands for low spin), which replaces the Idea a4 Tech, with a modified head shape. A deeper, longer clubface (larger by 17 percent) provides more help on mis-hits. In addition, "scoops" along the heel and toe that are deeper than those on its predecessor contribute to less drag during the swing. The club also comes equipped with the 60-gram, Aldila VooDoo NVshaft. The result of these changes is slightly faster average head speed, hotter ball speed, 10 percent less spin (due to lower CG) and added head stability.

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