ClubTest 2014: Adams Pro Hybrids

ClubTest 2014: Adams Pro Hybrids

Adams Pro Hybrid
Michael Chini

Adams Pro Hybrids
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $200
18°, 20° and 26° with Aldila Tour Red graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Cuts in the crown and sole behind the face allow more flex for greater ball speed. Placing the CG behind the center of the face aids workability.

The Pro handles like an iron; low, driving trajectory with shaping ability to match your skill; reasonable performance from light to medium rough.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: There’s a bit of a learning curve, but good marks for accuracy once in tune; the Pro repays extra focus with excellent consistency.
DISTANCE: Adequate overall, but nothing extreme; good swings can really peg it, especially off clean lies.
FEEL: Stiff, authoritative sensation throughout; a commanding punch at impact, with lots of tactile feedback; narrow head stays stable through most lies.
LOOK: Aggressive and compact; a small, tight shape with minimal graphics and no distractions; nicely hides any help packed in the head.

The emphasis is on “pro” — these are unkind to off-center shots for many testers; they demand concentration and a fairly repeatable swing since mis-hits tend to cost you; require speed to cut through thick rough and don’t do quite enough to salvage yardage from guys’ poor swings.

BOTTOM LINE: A hard-nosed, tight-steering hybrid best suited for better players who want a slightly more forgiving club than the Adams Pro DHy. It asks a lot of a player but rewards good swings with precise results.

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