ClubTest 2014: Adams Pro DHy Hybrids

Adams Pro DHy Hybrids
Michael Chini

Adams Pro DHy Hybrids
Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $200
21° and 24° with Matrix Ozik Altus graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The low-spin long-iron replacement delivers a low, penetrating flight. The “Cut-Thru” slot and maraging steel face are designed to boost ball speeds.

It handles more like a traditional driving iron than a hybrid; consistent, low, boring trajectory with lots of runout; can be a useful tool to hit off the tee on long par 3s or short par 4s; much better off the tee than the ground; accurate on dead-center contact but difficult to do consistently.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Some testers say the club’s forgiveness is on par with traditional 3- and 4-irons.
DISTANCE: A few of our strongest swingers feel it’s as long, or longer, on tee shots than the iron it replaces thanks to its low, piercing trajectory and added roll; very serviceable into a headwind due to its low flight.
FEEL: A powerful yet muted sensation on good shots.
LOOK: Reminds some testers of Adams’s old “peanut” hybrid; very small head that sets up nice and square.

Difficult to consistently connect with the small sweet spot; for many testers, it’s shorter than long irons on solid hits and there’s a significant distance loss when you don’t catch it on the screws; mis-hits can fly way off line; low ball flight makes it difficult to hold greens.

BOTTOM LINE: A big-boy club for low-handicappers with fast head speeds. It resembles a driving iron more than it does a hybrid in appearance and performance—works best off the tee and into the wind.

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