Adams Idea Tech V4 Hybrid Irons

Idea Tech V4 Hybrid Irons
Adams Golf

From (September 10, 2012)

Adams has been rolling out top-selling hybrid-iron sets for years. In new Idea Tech V4 Hybrid Irons, the stainless steel hybrids unquestionably steal the show. For starters, these sticks have re-engineered “velocity slots” in the crown and sole to boost face deflection at impact. The slots extend through the head, from crown to sole, while TPU badges hide the openings. In addition, a new heat treatment process strengthens high stress areas in the head and allows for a thinner clubface.

These updates combine to generate significantly faster ball speeds than standard hybrids—3% faster than the Idea Tech V3 Hybrid equates to 13 yards more carry distance—while tungsten weights in the heel and toe contribute to higher launch and more forgiveness.

According to Adams, the Idea Tech V4 hybrid produces similar “Characteristic Time” (CT) numbers to a driver. (CT is the USGA’s measurement to determine the springiness of a clubface.) That’s no easy feat considering driver heads and clubfaces are so much larger than hybrids.

Positioned as “game-improvement” sticks, the Idea Tech V4 Hybrid Irons consist of three hybrids (3-5) plus forged mid- and short irons (6-PW) made from 8620-carbon steel. A more forgiving, all-hybrid set features three hybrids (4-6) and hollow-headed stainless steel irons (7-GW).

Both set makeups will sell for $799 with True Temper’s Performance Step steel shaft, or $899 with Mitsubishi Rayon’s Bassara graphite shaft. Clubs will be at retail beginning September 26