Acushnet and Callaway file new suits over ball patents

Acushnet and Callaway file new suits over ball patents

Acushnet, the parent company of Titleist, announced on Tuesday that it is suing Callaway Golf for infringing on nine patents related to multi-piece, solid-core golf ball technologies. Callaway also announced a new patent-infringement lawsuit against Acushnet, claiming the new 2009 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x use patented Callaway technology.

These suits are the latest developments in a long-running legal battle between Acushnet and Callaway, which has claimed that Titleist infringed on multiple Callaway patents with the original Pro V1 ball.

In the Acushnet news release, Joe Nauman, Acushnet’s executive vice president of corporate and legal affairs, said: “We believe that disagreements like these are best dealt with between the companies involved and we have repeatedly attempted to resolve these disputes. When these discussions failed, Callaway left us with no other course of action but to move forward with this lawsuit. We are hopeful that these matters can be resolved, but we will continue to protect our intellectual property rights.” (Click here to read the full Acushnet release.)

Acushnet is claiming that Callaway’s Tour i and Tour ix balls infringe on “nine United States patents from Acushnet’s extensive golf ball patent portfolio.”

In the same release, Acushnet said it would continue to fight Callaway’s assertions “that the 2009 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls infringe Callaway’s patent rights” and continue to appeal verdicts in Callaway’s previous lawsuit.

In Callaway’s Tuesday release, Steve McCracken, the company’s senior executive vice president and chief administrative officer, said: “We were disappointed to discover that Titleist and Acushnet have again used patented Callaway technology in their Pro V1 golf balls. As long as Titleist — or any competitor — continues to introduce products that we believe infringe our patents, we will continue to seek relief in the courts. We expect to prevail in this second suit as well.” (Click here to read the release.)