5 New Hybrids

February 16, 2007

Tour Edge Exotics Iron-Wood
The forged beta titanium face—shaped like a cup turned on its side—has no weld marks. That’s a good thing because you get added pop across more of the face. Exotics come standard with a pair of 6-gram removable screws.
Lofts: 2 (18º), 3 (21º) and 4 (24º). $179, Nippon NS Pro950GH steel; $199, Fujikura Exotics 75 or Aldila NV-90 graphite; 800-515-3343, touredge.com
Callaway Fusion FT-Hybrid
Continuing a recent trend, Callaway fuses a carbon composite crown to a stainless-steel body, sole and clubface. The light crown reinforces head stability by redistributing extra weight around the perimeter. The Draw version reins in your slice if you have one, while Neutral helps straighten out your right-to-lefties.
Draw lofts: 2H (17º), 3H (20º), 4H (23º) and 5H (26º). Neutral lofts: 1H (14º), 2H (17º), 3H (20º) and 4H (23º). $250, True Temper Uniflex steel; $275, Aldila NVS-85 Hybrid graphite; 800-588-9836, callawaygolf.com

Wilson Staff Dh6
The club’s Energy Transfer Frame stiffens the area behind the flexible face. This construction reduces crown and sole deformation at impact so more energy is directed into the ball, giving you better response over a wider area.
Lofts: 3 (19º) and 4 (22º). $99, Aldila NVS-DL 85 graphite; 800-469-4576, wilsonstaff.com
Cobra King Cobra Baffler Utility Metal
It’s hard to believe that the original Baffler dates back to 1975. The current iteration features a contoured sole to handle all turf conditions and a large, lively steel face for an extra bump in distance.
Lofts: 1/R (16º), 2/R (18º), 3/R (20º), 4/R (23º), 5/R (26º) and 6/R (29º). $160, Nippon NS950 steel; $180, Aldila NVHL65 graphite; 800-624-5510, cobragolf.com cobragolf.com
Nike CPR 3 Iron-Wood
The unconventional head geometry shifts weight lower and farther away from the face. The payoff: shots that get up easier and higher. Once aloft, the ball carries on a boring, iron-like flight. Wide-soled CPR 3 Woods (not pictured) are a sensible option to replace fairway woods.
Lofts: 1 (16º), 2 (18º), 3 (21º) and 4 (24º). $139, Royal Precision Uniflex steel, $159, Royal Precision graphite; 800-922-6453, nikegolf.com