5 New Golf Putters to Boost Feel and Control

August 25, 2016

It’s not that complicated: If you want to score, you have to make some putts. These five new wands — each with a cool face pattern — promise great feel and a true roll. Prepare to putt with supreme confidence!


Price: $325

The precision-milled Voss is a modern take on the classic Anser. Available in platinum and slate finishes, the Voss is built from a forged stainless steel billet, with a ball-width cavity and scalloped back bumpers. Weighing in at 350 grams, this model is aimed at players with slight arcing strokes who favor a plumber’s neck. The entire Vault line features a new, curved, variable-depth face pattern that builds on the company’s True Roll design — the deepest grooves are in the middle of the face, while the shallowest are along the edges, to normalize ball speed across the face. The rest of the Vault series is comprised of the Anser 2, and two mallets — the Oslo and Bergen — that have a machined aluminum body and stainless steel soleplate.


Price: $160

This handsome mallet has a multimaterial face — milled aluminum copper backed by a soft copolymer — to enhance feel and consistency across the hitting area. The company’s clever alignment technology, called 2135, utilizes a raised alignment bar instead of a sightline that’s flush to the flange. The alignment bar — 21.35 millimeters above the ground — is directly in line with the center axis of the ball so players can align accurately when their eyes are inside, over or even outside the ball. It’s important, because according to Cleveland, 80 percent of players set up inside or outside the ball. Elevado comes in a standard weight and counterbalanced ($200) version.


Price: $380

The milled RSX V-Line Fang (RSX stands for roll and sound experiment) has a carbon steel body with a thin stainless steel Metal-X face insert. But it’s the milled chamber behind the face that sets RSX putters apart from previous lines. The chamber creates a distinct, firm feel with ample audio feedback at impact, which is just how Odyssey wants it. Plus, the face insert has the company’s chemically etched pattern of ovals, which locks onto the ball to improve roll. Other niceties include a sleek black-powder-coated shaft and Cabretta leather grip. The RSX series also features the #001 blade and #7 mallet.


Price: $100

Not all putters have to cost a lot of cash. The company’s Classic Collection has been a popular value-priced option over the years, and the reformulated Huntington Beach line continues its mission. The #1 model has a 304 stainless steel head with a milled face and diamond-shaped pattern that’s four times deeper than in previous versions to soften feel and increase gripping power between the ball and face. In addition to less skid after impact, you can expect 4 percent slower ball speed and slightly shorter distance at the same head speed. The family also has a squarer blade (#4), and a mid-mallet with double bend shaft (#6).


Price: $500

The face-balanced, high-MOI Drone boasts a multimaterial construction — a milled aluminum body with a milled 304 stainless steel face. But it’s the thermoplastic elastomer core tucked behind the face (same as in the company’s 0311 irons) that yields a soft yet solid sensation at impact. The Drone also showcases PXG’s signature weighting system. In this case, removable plugs made of titanium (0.8 grams each) run down the center, while tungsten (2.8 grams each) is packed along the perimeter. The plugs let you customize feel and boost forgiveness; they also provide a useful visual aid. The new lineup of putters also includes a milled aluminum mallet called Gunboat, plus three blades — Brandon, Dagger and Mustang — with milled 303 stainless steel bodies. All models have the aforementioned steel face and come in chrome and black finishes.