Custom Fitting Case Study: One fitting gave this football player huge distance

November 11, 2018

This month we once again tapped our friends True Spec to fit a non-Tour player to illustrate the value of custom club fitting, in this case former collegiate football player and mid-handicapper Graham Fisher.

True Spec fitter Tyler Todd managed the session at the company’s midtown Manhattan location, and quickly realized that the off-the-rack driver Fisher had brought in produced spin rates that were far higher than optimal, costing him significant distance and accuracy.

After experimenting with different models, Todd switched Fisher from TaylorMade’s older SLDR to the new M4, which in itself offered far more forgiveness and better spin rates. The stock shaft that Fisher was playing was replaced with an Aldila Rogue Elite Green, a stiffer model with less tip flex and lower torque.


The more forgiving clubhead and stiffer shaft reduced Fisher’s spin rate by about 1,100 rpm, raised his peak shot height by 12 feet and—get this—added nearly 30 yards of carry! The formula for max distance is high launch with low spin—and this fitting nailed it.

Former collegiate football player and mid-handicapper Graham Fisher poses at his True Spec club fitting.
Former collegiate football player and mid-handicapper Graham Fisher poses at his True Spec club fitting.



(Numbers are averages.)



TaylorMade SLDR, 9.5 degrees, stock graphite shaft (S-flex)

Ball Speed (MPH): 141.2
Spin Rate (RPM):4,903
Carry (yards): 207.9
Total (yards): 220.2
Peak Height (feet): 110.2
Launch (degrees): 14.5





TaylorMade M4, 9.5 degrees, Aldila Rogue Elite 65 graphite shaft (S-flex)

Ball Speed (MPH): 151
Spin Rate (RPM): 3,801
Carry (yards): 234.8
Total (yards): 249.8
Peak Height (feet): 123.1
Launch (degrees): 14.6

TaylorMade's M4 driver.
TaylorMade’s M4 driver.
Courtesy of TaylorMade


“I hacked around as a kid with my dad’s clubs, who was a good player. I focused on baseball and football and played D1 football at Appalachian State. When I moved to NYC for business I started playing with some friends, and although I could still squat and lift a lot of weight, I wasn’t driving the ball more than 225 yards, and I couldn’t understand why. After passing the True Spec store in Manhattan a couple of times on my way to work, I did some research and decided to stop in. Tyler Todd, the fitter I worked with, had me try six different clubheads and some different shafts, and I noticed the difference immediately — a stiffer shaft and a better-fitted head could produce a ton more distance. I was amazed by the results, and although I just did my driver, I’ll probably go get my entire set done at some point.” — Graham Fisher

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