Ask an Equipment Expert: Why is adjustable driver tech so confusing?

October 6, 2018

Each month, we tap experts from the equipment industry to answer your most commonly asked questions. In this installment, Evan Gibbs, R&D director at Callaway golf, explains exactly how adjustable driver technology works.


Q. I’ve heard that when you open the face on an adjustable driver, you also decrease the loft. Sounds totally opposite to irons. Is it true?
— @w.m3ng


You’re not the only one who finds adjustable-driver technology counter-intuitive. The first step in getting your head around it is understanding that adjusting the face angle doesn’t result in a change in loft as you’re adjusting it.

The change takes effect only after you sole the club on the ground. The exact amount of loft change is dependent on the sole geometry of the club, as well as CG location and some other items.

Adjustable driver technology seen here in the Callaway Rogue driver
The Callaway Rogue driver (above) features multiple adjustability options, as do many modern driver models.
Courtesy of Callaway

Compounding this is that some adjustable-driver models feature a hosel design that decouples any face-angle adjustment from the loft, while other models do not. So each driver, depending on its design, can and will react differently after it’s been adjusted.

You’ll have to experiment with your particular model to see how it functions, or enlist the help of a qualified clubfitter to get your driver properly dialed in. I’d recommend the latter.

— Evan Gibbs, R&D Director/Callaway golf