First Look: Scotty Cameron Concept X putters

July 17, 2018
Scotty Cameron Concept X putter models

Scotty Cameron is continuing his innovative ways with two new limited run Concept X models, the CX-01 and CX-02 ($599 each).

The goal of the Concept X design, which is an experimental prototype, is to provide high-MOI forgiveness and performance normally associated with a mallet but with the visuals of a Newport 2 blade.

The key to the design is wing-like structures in the rear of the heel and toe, both of which contain customizable stainless steel weights. The two wings move more weight away from the face and place it on the perimeter for increased stability on off center hits.

Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-01 putter
The new Scotty Cameron CX-01 putter.
Courtesy of Scotty Cameron

Forgiveness is further enhanced through the use of a lightweight face insert and a multi-material design that combines a lighter milled aluminum sole plate and heavier stainless steel on the perimeter for even higher MOI. Other features of the two Concept X putters include dual zone vibration dampening chambers for improved feel, four-way sole balancing for a more square position at address, and non-glare stealth gray finish.

Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 putter
The new Scotty Cameron CX-02 putter.
Courtesy of Scotty Cameron

“Concept X is for the player who wants the feel and performance of a Tour-proven blade style putter, but wants to benefit from the latest technology to achieve more forgiveness. What’s unique about these putters is that they’re fast looking and high-tech. But by making them wider, they’re more forgiving. You get a calm feeling like when you play a mallet. So, you get the best of a blade and the best of a mallet in one. It has a very elegant, high-end, industrial look. At address, after a few putts, the wings almost disappear and it’s like looking down at a blade. I like to say that Concept X is the top level of performance in a putter. Our new four-way sole balancing is designed into these models. The new Nuckle and Joint Neck technology. The enhanced vibration dampening chambers for better sound and feel. It’s all in there. Concept X truly is a prototype that’s come to life.” – Scotty Cameron

For those wondering which model might be a better fit for them, the CX-01 features a “knuckle neck,” hosel design with one shaft of offset and toe hang similar to a Newport 2, while the CX-02 features a new “joint neck” with one shaft of offset and more toe flow and rotation during the stroke, more like a Newport 2.5 model. Unless you’re a dedicated face-balanced player one of the two CX models should likely fit your stroke.

Scotty Cameron Concept X putters will be available from select authorized dealers on 8/31/18 in North America and on 9/29/18 worldwide.