ClubTest 2018: XXIO X fairway wood review

ClubTest 2018: XXIO X fairway wood review


Unique variable-thickness sole and rolled cup-face design on the XXIO X fairway woods optimize launch and distance.

Courtesy of XXIO

PRICE: $399

SPECS: 15°, 18°, 20° and 23° with proprietary MP1000 graphite shaft.

RECOMMENDATION: Mid- to high-handicappers who need more clubhead speed, launch and distance without having to work too hard for it. Moderate-speed swingers are also good candidates.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Hi-energy impact clubhead design with optimized COR area on the face for faster ball speed; Lightweight, low-swing MOI design to enhance clubhead speed; Smart Impact shaft designed to reduce stress on the golfer’s body and improve impact; high-density rear weight to deepen the CG location and boost launch.

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A lot of fairway woods these days are designed as mini-drivers and feature more of a deep-face design to make them more functional off the tee. The XXIO X eschews this philosophy and presents a nice lower-profile head that, along with the rear weight, super-light shaft and low-swing MOI design, makes launching shots that never leave the target exceptionally easy. Kudos to XXIO for pursuing an innovative design that can work for anyone.


“Like the X Driver, the X Fairway is very easy to swing and launch high for many different players, due to both the overall lighter weight and pleasing turf interaction.”

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