ClubTest 2018: Cobra King F8 One irons review

February 13, 2018

PRICE: $799, steel; $899, graphite

SPECS: 5-iron through GW with True Temper XP 90 Flighted steel or Aldila Rogue Pro One Length 65 graphite shafts. All shafts measure 37.50″, the length of a standard 7-iron.

RECOMMENDATION: Aimed at players who want enhanced swing consistency with both added forgiveness and distance.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: PWERSHELL face: Powered by Cobra’s E9 technology, the forged faceplate is thinner and lighter than the F7’s for more power; Carbon Feel: A multimaterial carbon-fiber medallion in the rear of the club tunes sound and feel; Cobra Connect: Each set comes with Arccos sensors in the grips, transmitting data from every swing to your smartphone.

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Last year, Cobra took a game-improvement gamble by issuing its first single-length set, The F7 One. Now it’s built the same concept on its F8 head. The idea sounds like Tin Cup’s dream: simplify the game by making every club the length of a trusty 7-iron. It takes the guesswork out of setup and posture, and according to Cobra’s Arccos data, produces more consistent gapping and tighter dispersion patterns. Last year, our testers liked the idea, but found it took some getting used to, especially the over-length short irons and wedges. For the open-minded—or just plain fed-up—the F8 One idea is worth a long look before you pick up your next set.


“Some players experience a notable increase in consistency through the use of non-variablelength shafts, particularly as it applies to distance control and ballstriking with long irons and wedges. Less-reliable swings are better candidates, but it’s worth trying for others as well.”

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