These golf sandals transition seamlessly from the beach to the bunker

January 25, 2018

JT, Rickie, Spieth and Smylie, these kicks are for you…and anyone else who wants an easy transition from the course to the beach, pool or other casual setting.

Swannies, the first golf-focused soft-spike sandal, are designed specifically to keep sandal-loving golfers from clunking around in heavy golf shoes or even having to visit the locker room. They’re available in three color ways — black, white and blue — but custom orders can be made online to access plenty of other options.

We’ve seen golf sandals before, even on the Champions tour (looking at you, Howard Twitty), but Swannies has brought “military grade” soft spikes into play. The outsole is loaded with them and promises to perform with similar stability and traction provided by typical soft-spike shoes in the market.

Whether that is truly the case certainly depends on a player’s swing speed and footwork, but the adjustable strap keeps your foot solidly in place. Whatever the sandals lack in consistent upper foot stability, they make up for in practicality and comfort. For the player who doesn’t swing out of their shoes (for lack of a better phrase) and wants to leave their bulkier spikes in the car, Swannies might just be the trick.

You can find them online for $59.