Honey, they shrunk my driver! Introducing the Bomb-It Mini training aid

January 23, 2018

ORLANDO — As with many ideas in golf, the concept of the Bomb-It Mini is simple: Aim small, miss small.

It’s an old golf phrase now being used as a tag line, and one look at this product is all you need to understand the purpose. It’s miniature. Very miniature.

It’s a “Honey, they shrunk my driver!” type of trainer that incorporates the same shaft length and weight as a normal driver. Strike it clean and the feel is similar. Same goes for the ball flight.

The only difference is that the clubhead is much, much smaller, and therefore more difficult to hit pure. The “Am” Mini boasts a volume of 55cc, while the “Pro” Mini is just 37cc. For reference, the maximum amount of volume a driver can have and remain conforming — which is what many of the popular equipment brands will do — is 460cc, or more than 12 times bigger than the “Pro” training aid.

This focus on smaller heads is something we’ve seen in putters before, but not in clubs that are typically swung at 100 mph. If you can hit this clean, you should be able to hit a much bigger, normal clubhead clean. At least that’s the goal. As we all know too well, our golf swings are not exclusively kinetic. There is an important visual aspect to hand-eye coordination, so direct success with a larger club is not implied as much as it is the goal. Moving back to that full-sized club can seem jarring, especially at first, but if success occurs with the Mini, it is definitely more likely to occur with a standard-sized head.

The Mini is currently priced at $149.99, and is the newest invention from the Momentus Sports team, who have created many training aids, most notably the Swing Trainer Iron.