FIRST LOOK: Cobra King Black wedges

January 23, 2018

The new King Black wedges ($149 each) from Cobra (available in both standard and one length) feature a dark “diamonized black metal,” finish that not only provides a unique look but exceptional durability as well. Built from soft carbon steel for enhanced touch and feel, the new wedges also come standard with Cobra Connect technology, which allows players to utilized the Arccos 360 mobile app to view all kinds of detailed data and other useful information on their smart phone.

King Black wedges feature three sole grind configurations for enhanced fitting options: Versatile sole (softened leading edge with heel and toe relief and medium bounce), Classic grind (thinner sole, higher bounce), WideLow grind (wide sole and low bounce for medium and soft conditions). All three grinds are built with a taller mucleback design with more mass behind the hitting area for improved feel at impact. Each new model is also built with Cobra’s patented CNC milling process for the ultimate in consistent spin, and a variable face roughness design for improved distance control.

Available lofts range from 50° to 60° with True Temper S200 steel shafts coming standard. The King Black One wedges have all the same features as the standard model with 1° flatter lie angles and are available in 56° and 60° lofts only.

All King Black wedges will be at retail on March 2, 2018.