From a beer bong to the British Open: the story of accessory enterprise Seamus Golf

July 12, 2017

A golf headcover and handmade products company, known now as Seamus Golf, begins with a beer bong.

On a fall gameday between Oregon State and the University of Oregon in Corvallis, Ore., Megan Kenton convinced Akbar Chisti to do a beer bong, and although they barely knew each other at the time, they had a future in business together, as well as marriage.

When Megan came across one of Akbar’s old, tattered headcovers, she put her design skills (and one of his old dress socks) to use. It changed their lives forever. Listen to the podcast below for the story of Seamus Golf, which is not only a story of a startup company, but also a story of living freely with your present and your future, and stepping out on a limb with business decisions. You can subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes by clicking here, or on Soundcloud by clicking here.