Prototype Titleist 718 irons spotted on Tour

June 26, 2017

Titleist’s impressive prototype testing process is once again in action this week at the Quicken Loans National in Maryland.

According to company reps, this is the first week the new family of prototype 718 irons will be on Tour as players and members of Titleist’s R&D team and Tour van crew work to perfect the new models that most likely will be introduced some time later this summer or in the fall.

In the coming weeks the various prototype irons will also be tested by fitters and other professionals in the Titleist network in an attempt to make certain consumers are provided with the best possible service when the new models are eventually introduced to the public.

Judging from the image above, there will be six irons in the 718 family including MB, CB, T-MB, AP1, AP2, and the all new AP3. All of the irons appear to be new and improved versions of past models with the exception of the AP3, which looks like it fits between the game improvement AP1 and more player-oriented AP2. Though it’s tough to guess too much else regarding the new 718 irons you can bet that, as with all Titleist clubs, the 718 line will offer solid performance improvements over the models they replace. Keep an eye out on social media for updates on the new Titleist irons in coming weeks.