NEW: Golf Pride Align grips

January 25, 2017

Golf Pride, the leader in golf grips, is taking the Reminder to a new level with Align Technology. Available in both the MCC and the MCC Plus4, the Align design features a raised ridge on the back of the grip that functions like a Reminder both to ensure consistent hand placement and also to help square the face at impact. Unlike traditional Reminders, the Align features a micro-diamond texture and a material that’s 50% firmer than the rest of the grip to help magnify feel. In addition, a “flex channel,” lifts the Align ridge from the body of the grip to the highest level allowed by USGA regulations, providing maximum benefit to the player.

“A repeatable grip is critical for many of the world’s best players in the world, as 1 out of every 3 PGA TOUR players currently use a grip with a Reminder rib. However, they uniformly provided us feedback that they want it to be more pronounced. That insight led us to develop Align Technology to assist the best players in the world and amateurs alike to feel Alignment and to square the clubface.” — Jonathan Neal, Global Marketing Manager, Golf Pride Grips.

Both the MCC Align and MCC Plus4 Align are $10.99/grip standard size, $11.49/grip midsize.