FIRST LOOK: Cobra King Pur wedges

January 25, 2017

Cobra took the veil off its King Pur wedges this week, made of unplated 304-stainless steel to maximize spin and feel. “We designed our King Pur wedges with three grind options to better fit the needs of golfers with different short-games, from a variety of conditions,” said Cobra’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jose Miraflor. “In addition to having a sole grind to fit a variety of golfers, our new wedges are our best feeling and highest performing to date, thanks to the incredible spin and softness provided by our Pure Steel construction.”

The raw, glare-free heads have the following grinds: the WideLow features a wide sole with low bounce (4° to 7°) for steeper swings and soft to normal conditions, the Versatile has medium bounce (8° to 10°) and heel and toe relief designed for shallower swings and normal to firm conditions, and the high-bounce Classic (11° and 12°) has a progressively wider sole from heel to toe.

As with previous King wedges, the Pur features loft-specific milled grooves. The lower lofts have deeper grooves with traditional spacing for consistent spin rates while the 56° to 60° lofts are wider and more closely spaced to maximize spin on partial swings. The milled face pattern also contributes to improved consistency and control on shots around the green. Come in 52° to 60° lofts with True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shafts and Lamkin Crossline grips; $119 each; in stores March 17.