Ping offers driver alternative with new adjustable Rapture 3-wood

Ping offers driver alternative with new adjustable Rapture 3-wood


Courtesy of Ping

There's a lot of talk about playing drivers with more loft these days, and for good reason. The key to producing maximum distance off the tee is launching the ball high with a low amount of spin, which for some players isn't easy to do with a 9- or 10-degree driver. To solve this problem Ping designers came up with the new Rapture 3-wood ($495). 
With a shaft length (43.5") and clubhead size (219cc) remeniscent of old-school drivers the Rapture 3-wood features a tall, beta titanium face that is said to be 30 percent stronger than standard titainum clubfaces, allowing for extreme variable face thickness, more forgiveness, and faster ballspeeds. Approximately 25% of the clubhead mass is positioned in a tungsten sole plate, moving the CG to an extremely low position for improved launch and lower spin rates. Though the standard loft of the club is 13-degrees it can be quickly adjusted plus or minus a half degree for more acccurate tuning. 

“The weighting properties of titanium and tungsten provide our engineers a lot of opportunities to improve performance,” said John A. Solheim, Ping Chairman & CEO. “The high-strength beta-titanium material allowed us to really focus on creating a hotter face that yields ball speeds and distance unlike any we’ve seen in fairway woods. The tungsten positions the weight extremely low so we can optimize the CG position. It has a taller face and deeper head profile, so golfers will have complete confidence with the Rapture. We think golfers will really appreciate this unique combination of technology to improve their performance. It’s extremely long off the tee. We’re excited to get it in golfers’ hands.”

The Ping Rapture 3-wood will be available at retail starting April 1st.  For more news that golfers everywhere are talking about, follow @si_golf on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube video channel.

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