Review: The Original Jones Carry Bag from Jones Golf

Review: The Original Jones Carry Bag from Jones Golf


The Original Jones golf bag pays homage to a simpler time.

A time where balata balls and persimmon woods ruled, and you didn’t need room in your bag for your extendable ball-retriever, rain suit, two extra pairs of shoes, bluetooth speakers and cell phone charger.

Made from sturdy MTL Nylon and Jones Vinyl, the Original Jones is equipped with a heavily-padded single carry strap, three pockets (two in the front and one in the back) and weighs a touch over three pounds. In this equation, lightweight doesn’t equal flimsy. The materials feel sturdy out of the box and even more so with 14 clubs thrown into the three-pocket divider. As an added bonus, each bag can be customized with names or initials down the left side or the belly pocket.

This isn’t a stand-bag, so no legs kick out to keep the bag upright while you’re hitting your shot. But picking your bag off the grass just adds to the old-timey feel of this bag. A braided handle allows for easy pickup.

What if you aren’t a walker? We suggest still trying it out. If you’re physically able, walking a golf course is a vastly different experience that riding in a cart. Granted, the breeze generated from a cart is missed if you played in extreme heat, but that is offset by breaking the chains of ‘cart path only’ rules or having to sit and wait while your riding partner decides between his 3 or 5-wood from 250 yards out on a par-5.

If you carried a single strap in your high school or college golf days, then the bag will be familiar. If not, the carry technique might take getting used to. But once the feeling of picking up your bag and throwing it over your shoulder becomes second-nature, you’ll feel like Bobby Jones himself walking off the tee box.

Jones Sports Co. began in 1971 when a Portland, Ore. native set out to create “an iconic, functional bag that could easily be customized.” What followed was a bag that defined high school golf for decades. In additional to the traditional Original Jones bag, the company also offers a stand bag, rider bag, bags designed for high school teams and customization options that include a Masters and U.S. Open version of the Original Jones carry bag.

The Original Jones carry bag comes in black, red, green, blue or gray and retails for $139.95 at (Photo and video courtesy of Jones Sports Co.) For more news that golfers everywhere are talking about, follow @si_golf on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube video channel.

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