Titleist Vokey ‘WedgeWorks’ Hand-Ground Wedges

May 28, 2013

Titleist-wedworks-wedges_640You know what they say: If you can't bring the hacker to the tour van, bring the tour van to the hacker.
True, they don't say that often. Maybe never. But now, Titleist is giving you a taste of the Tour with WedgeWork's Hand Ground wedges from its Vokey Tour Department.
Starting June 19th, Vokey is offering the full Tour treatment to Average Joes. What does that mean, exactly? Well, mostly that they'll be crazy customizable, and that they won't come cheap.
First, we'll walk you through the cool stuff. You start with either a 58- or 60-degree wedge in Vokey's previously-Tour-only "Raw" finish. That club then goes to one of Vokey's team of wedgemakers in Carlsbad, Calif. They'll be taking your order.
Next, you select from four of Vokey's sole grinds: The M, a standard, medium-bounce club with heavy heel and toe relief; the E, a limited-edition, full bounce sole option designed for soft turf; the V, another custom grind that's a narrower-soled, higher-bounce version of the standard M; and the T, a narrow-soled grind with a wide trailing edge common in Vokey's super-high-lofted wedges. Got that? Know what fits you best? Good. Onto step two.
Now, you're going to choose the additional grinds you want applied. This is where it starts to feel pretty Tour-y. You can go shape it into a square-toed look, straighten the leading edge, pre-wear the leading edge, bevel the topline, add additional heel-relief (on E-grinds only), or add a Pro-Groove, a channel hand-ground into the sole, which Vokey says allows players to better "activate the bounce on short pitches." At this point, you might as well go ahead and specify your preferred shaft, length, loft, lie and swingweight.That should cover the brass-tacks stuff.
Still with us? Good. Because now it gets sassy. Vokey will let you pick from five toe stampings ("Prototype 2013," "Hand Ground," "Special Grind," "Spin Milled" or "BVHG"). You can get an additional custom stamp, too, up to eight letters/numbers using 12 available colors in one of four available styles. Just for good measure, pick your favorite Vokey shaft band, grip and ferrule. Finally, your hand-grinder will stamp his initials on the hosel. (BV means it was done by Voke himself. Good luck getting strokes with that in the bag.) Voila! There you have it, your custom wedge.
Orders for WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges can be submitted to the Vokey Tour Department through Vokey.com beginning June 19.
It'll cost you $350 per stick, and expect 2-3 weeks turnaround time. But, hey, its easier than getting on Tour. CLICK HERE for Equipment news, photos, ClubTest reviews, custom clubs, more (Photos: Courtesy of Titleist)