It's a putter. It's a hockey stick. It's both!

It’s a putter. It’s a hockey stick. It’s both!

Hockey ORLANDO, Fla.–There's still a chance Happy Gilmore could get an equipment deal. Who else would play with a Hockey Stick Putter?
Hockey Stick Putters offer a "real precision-weighted putter," according to its website, I'm not making this up. There was a rack full of them in their booth here at the PGA Merchandise Show. In case you need further vindication, former Masters champion Mike Weir used one when he played the par-3 contest before last year's Masters.
The Hockey Stick Putter is a functional novelty. Yes, you can putt with it but probably not many serious golfers will. It's more of a team loyalty thing because the shafts of the "putters" are covered with the logo of assorted National Hockey League teams. In other words, if your brother-in-law is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and he plays golf, the Hockey Stick Putter is right up his alley.
Hockey Stick Putters are available for all 30 NHL teams, plus some defunct ones, including the Hartford Whalers, Minnesota North Stars and Winnipeg Jets. The Red Wings and Maple Leafs are the most popular with customers, along with the Team Canada models. The suggested retail price is $115.
Tap, tap, tap-a-roonie. Good luck.
(Photo: David Walberg/SI)

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