Tiger Woods Playing Nike's Victory Red Blades—Again

Tiger Woods Playing Nike’s Victory Red Blades—Again

Tiger-Woods-Nike-Iron-Thur_450x600 AUGUSTA, Ga. – Golf equipment aficionados study Tiger Woods's gear closely, so maybe a few noticed that the irons the game's No. 1 player is using at the Masters look a little different.
They are … sort of.

Although he began 2009 using Nike Victory Red Blade irons, Tiger switched to an old set of Nike Forged Blades at the Memorial and continued to use those clubs for the rest of the season.

I asked him at the U.S. Open why he made the switch and he said, "I went back to an old set that I had played before and had some success with, so I went back to that."

But this week, the Victory Red Blades are back in the bag.I asked Rick Nichols, Nike Golf's field tour manager, about the clubs. "Some players have a custom grind, and he is playing a custom-grind VR Blade," Nichols told me shortly after Tiger teed off Thursday. "The topline, the sole, we do some custom grinding for some of the guys."
Nichols wouldn't get more specific than that, but Woods hit 14 of 18 greens in regulation on Thursday, so Nike has to think this set of irons may stay in his bag for a while. See-Try-Buy: Learn more about Nike clubs and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC. Related: Follow David Dusek on Twitter

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