Grip it and play it: Pure grips

Pure-grips ORLANDO, Fla.–The biggest innovation I’ve seen thus far at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show? You’ll laugh. It’s about golf grips. Yeah, I know. Wake you when I’m done writing this item.
I’m serious. Pure Grips has a line of excellent and tacky rubber golf grips, but the true innovation is how you put them on and take them off. There’s no glue or tape, it only takes a few seconds, and you can begin using the clubs immediately.
The secret is compressed air. The company’s gun-shaped attachment connects to an air compressor on one side and the grip on the other. (See the video below.) A shot of air makes the Pure grip expand enough so you can slip it onto the shaft — even over a layer or three of tape. Once you slide the grip into place (a two-second job once you’ve done a few), turn the air off and the grip contracts around the shaft like a vise. It’s ready for play. Removing the grips with the air-gun is even easier and quicker. Unlike all current grips, which have to be cut off with a knife because they were glued on, Pure grips come off intact and can be reused.
It’s going to be a great incentive for club pros to stock Pure grips because they’ll be able to change them so quickly.The process is so easy, I’m considering doing my own grips now. I already scored a Pure grips applicator gun. After that, all I need are the grips (suggested price $8) and a little air compressor that I can pick up cheap at Wal-Mart or any hardware store.
Instant regrips, no muss-no fuss, and they’re reusable. A Pure golf spokesman told me about a woman player he knows who changes her different colored grips to match her wardrobe before each round. Now that’s innovation. PURE Grips Tapeless Golf Grip Installation Video from Wes Brasher on Vimeo. Photo: David Walberg/SI