Cleveland Goes Light and Long with Launcher DST Driver

Cleveland Goes Light and Long with Launcher DST Driver

The lighter your driver, the more clubhead speed you can generate and the farther you can hit the ball.

Cleveland Launcher DST This simple truth lies behind the design of the new Cleveland Launcher DST driver, which uses a system the company calls Sub 300G Technology.

The Launcher DST comes with a 45.75" Mitsubishi Diamana Red series shaft (3/4-inch longer than standard length) that weighs just 47 grams. Cleveland says the total weight of the club, 292 grams, is about 25 grams lighter than standard drivers. However, it maintains a traditional D4 swing weight, so it shouldn't feel especially whippy. Cleveland also says the Launcher DST will deliver between 3 and 10 extra yards off the tee.The 460cc head has a traditional pear shape, and because the face has variable degrees of thickness, Cleveland designers were able to move 6 grams of discretionary weight to the lower, rear section of the head. This should increase the moment of inertia and promote higher, straighter shots.The Draw version of the Launcher DST features a face that is 3° closed and internal weighting that promotes a right-to-left ball flight for right-handed players. The Tour version's head is slightly smaller (430cc) and has internal weighting that promotes a left-to-right ball flight and a face that is 2° open. In addition, the Tour version comes standard with a 64-gram Mitsubishi White series shaft.In the video clip below, Rob Waters, Cleveland Golf's director of tour operations, explains what happened in Las Vegas when PGA Tour player Kent Jones tried the Launcher DST for the first time. Look for the Cleveland Launcher DST to hit pro shop shelves in November for about $300.Following David Dusek on Twitter.

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