Mizuno Releasing New MP-68 and MP-58 Irons for Better Players

Mizuno Releasing New MP-68 and MP-58 Irons for Better Players

Among players who demand workability and feel, Mizuno's
forged irons have always been well regarded. This fall, the company is set to
release irons that not only cater to purists, but to golfers looking for more
forgiveness and game-enhancement features too.

Mizuno-MP68-iron MP-68Chuck Couch, Mizuno's director of marketing, says of the MP-68
forged blades: "This is a club that golfers expect from Mizuno."

By studying the vibrations and sound created at impact,
Mizuno has tried to make a muscleback blade with even better sound and feel. Made
from milled carbon steel, weight has been removed from non-critical areas of
the MP-68 near the heel, toe, and top of the hosel, then repositioned in the back-toe
area. The result, according to the company, is a sweetspot that's lower in the
face along with a neutral ball flight preferred by many accomplished players.
And yes, the grooves in the MP-68 irons conform with the new USGA regulations.

The MP-68 irons will be available with several different
custom shafts, but come standard (3-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts ($899) or
Project X shafts ($999).

MP-58TMP58 ironhe new MP-58 irons were designed to combine the forgiveness of a full cavity back with the workability, feel and
compact size of a classic muscleback.

To achieve that goal, Mizuno engineers got crafty. They
positioned a lightweight piece of titanium in a pocket behind the hitting area
of the forged carbon steel heads. During the forging process, as the steel
cools, it contracts around the titanium to create the feel of one solid piece
of metal. Because only 11 grams of titanium are required to fill the area that
would have needed 20 grams of steel, Mizuno could then reposition nine grams of
discretionary weight to make the MP-58 irons more forgiving and slightly more
stable on off-center hits.

A standard set of MP-58 irons (3-PW) will retail for about
$1,000 and come with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts.

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