Callaway Releasing New X Series JAWS Wedges

Callaway X Forged JAWS Roger Cleveland, Callaway Golf's wedge designer, wants to put as much spin into your short game as possible. To do that, Callaway is set to release the new X Series JAWS wedge in early November.Like previous X Forged wedges, the JAWS models will feature Phil Mickelson-inspired Mac Daddy grooves, which Cleveland says are as large and sharp as USGA rules allow."The capacity of the grooves, the width, is the max," Cleveland said. That helps to wick away moisture and debris, which should help the groove edges bite into the ball more effectively for increased spin.Callaway X Forged JAWS GroovesProfessional golfers and elite amateurs who attempt to qualify for events like the U.S. Open will not be allowed to use wedges with Mac Daddy or other high-spin groove patterns starting on Jan. 1, 2010. Weekend players, however, can use wedges like the Callaway X Series JAWS until 2024, even during rounds played for handicap purposes.The new JAWS wedges, like their predecessor X Forged wedges, come standard with a C grind along the sole. This means that some of the bounce (the flange that dips below the level of the leading edge) in the heel and toe areas has been removed to create a C-shape along the bottom of the club. This process makes it easier to open the face and use the clubs effectively from tight lies. The new JAWS wedges will be available in both a chrome finish and a darker "vintage" tone that will naturally wear in spots where shots are often struck. The wedges will be available with steel shafts and 85- or 95-gram graphite wedge shafts made by Fujikura.Below is a video of Cleveland talking about the new X Series JAWS wedges, which will retail for $119.