Vijay Singh Turning to Training Aids to Improve Putting

Vijay Singh Turning to Training Aids to Improve Putting

Vijay Singh Putting Ruler JERSEY CITY, N.J. — When Vijay Singh was paired in the final
group with Tiger Woods Saturday at Hazeltine, his putting, specifically his
short putting, proved to be his downfall. The Fijian missed several critical
putts and fell from contention.

On Wednesday at Liberty National, Singh, using his
traditional-length Never Compromise Milled Series 1 putter, hit several putts
along a metal yardstick. He was not aiming at a hole, but instead trying to make
the ball smoothly roll down the 1-inch wide, 3-foot-long stick. When he was successful,
Singh knew that his putter's face was square at impact. (Click on the top image for a better look.)

A short time before, Sean Vijay Singh Putting StickO'Hair had shown Singh a training
aid, a Putting Stick, that is designed to help players practice the same drill.
O'Hair's caddie, Paul Tesori (who used to be on Singh's bag), told me that
O'Hair had recently started using the devise because he'd had good results with
it as a junior. (Honestly, it's a 46-inch piece of 3/8-inch
thick Plexiglas.)

Chad Reynolds, Singh's caddie, borrowed the devise after
Singh had putted on the yardstick for about 10 minutes. The winner of last
season's Barclay's Championship seemed to like it. (Click on the lower images for a better look.)

If Singh is going to successfully defend his Barclays crown, as well as his FedEx Cup title, he may need to log some serious hours with these training aides.

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(Photos by David Dusek)

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