Tiger Woods Practices With 5-wood at Turnberry

Tiger-Woods-Mon-Turnberry_450x600It's not uncommon for pros to carry more than 14 clubs during a practice round. As they prepare for a tournament, they often hit a few shots from critical areas with different clubs, trying different techniques.On Monday at Turnberry, Tiger Woods's bag featured three headcovers—his traditional tiger (known as Frank in Nike ad campaigns), a Nike Sumo and a Kiwi bird. The Kiwi is a nod to the homeland of Tiger's caddie, Steve Williams, who hails from New Zealand.Woods continued to use the Nike Forged Blades that he switched to at the Memorial in early June. Like other players, Tiger will be deciding this week whether he's going to keep his 5-wood in the bag—as he's done all season—or pull it out and go with a 2-iron. Although he is capable of hitting a low 5-wood, the 2-iron might prove to be more versatile in firm, windy conditions.(Photo by Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images)

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